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“The design process is about designing and prototyping and making. When you separate those, I think the final result suffers.”

Jony Ive

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I am a Toronto-based visual designer
passionate in creating elegant solutions with a human-centred design approach, helping people make better products, services and all other kinds of cool thingamabobs.

I spent a few wild years working at Apple sharpening my design what if’s and wtf’s. While this experience fuelled the optimistic skeptic inside of me, the rest of me felt devoid of purpose so I started my own design company called Penxil Ideas where I exponentially honed my interpersonal, entrepreneurial and creative mojos.

You can usually find me sketching anything, anywhere, helping elderly people learn technology or just walking my Berner, Giggles.

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“Sketch, sketch, sketch.
Every great idea starts with a simple sketch.”

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I'm currently seeking a full-time position or a contract project in UX/UI design.
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