A Place Everyone Calls Home

Limitless Martial Arts
Web Design, Brochures, Illustration


Limitless Martial Arts was a special project for me since it was for a very dear and inspiring friend of mine. The martial arts school has been running for more than 5yrs when I was a approach by Freddy, LMA’s founder & director. He wanted to expand his school and open it up to a more diverse group of people. 


Although the school’s primary target is the younger generation, they wanted to be a place where both parents and children alike can grow together in the discipline of martial arts. We needed to create website that would portray the community and its benefits. 


We designed an image heavy & colourfully themed website to show Limitless’ vibrant community. We also included mixed media (videos reels & illustrations) to allow visitors to really take in the school’s culture & values. All the layouts were done to make it easy to navigate and quickly gather information about the school’s identity, programs and contact information. After 2 years of having the site up, and gathering a large number of page visitors and conversions, the school has now opened it’s own gym and boasts a healthy number of regular students both young and old.

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