Creating a Lifestyle Brand

Loaded Bar Media
Identity, Web Design


The Loaded bar Media Team is a collection of photographers & powerlifter enthusiasts who are a passionate on promoting the art of powerlifting through creative media. In order to do this they would need to start promoting themselves as a media collective that offers specialize photography services for both powerlifting events & personal coverages.


We needed to create a simple and mobile friendly website since the company’s main audience are mobile and would usually be introduced on an event. Being able to see their portfolio of work as well as their contact information was crucial to this layout. They also needed a log that would easily represent their specialized niche.


I built the Loaded Bar Media Brand using Sketch and its website on the Webflow platform, allowing for responsive design, so no matter what device their visitors come from the site always looks its best. We focused the site on quality photos they have already taken from past events and clients. 


The site was built using HTML5 standards and SCHEMA was introduced as a local business. All HTML, CSS and JS are minified, with responsive image compression on inline images, all of this is delivered by the lightning fast Amazon S3 Content Delivery Network.


It was important to keep this build and layout as simple as possible, the demographic and visitors to the website are looking for easy to gather information normally without access to desktop computers, so being responsive and mobile friendly was a big consideration.

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