Designing with Empathy

Techy Senior
Branding, UI/UX, Web


Techy Senior is a specialized service for seniors that assists them with their technologies. The company has been growing for the past year and needed an online presence that allows seniors to book classes, home-visits as well as download resources. 


Designing a website for Techy Senior was both challenging and research heavy since our main audience are people from the ages of 60-85yrs old. This demographic are known to avoid the use technology or find it “too hard to understand”. We had to design this website with ultimate ease for our users.


We went through several cycles of user testings around a group of seniors to determine how likely they are to book a class or an appointment with the different designs that we have. We came up with 2 conclusions based on our tests: 1.) Seniors often look for 2 things quickly - the phone number or an email address to contact 2.) They want to read testimonies from real people that have used the services.  From these testings we made sure to have both the phone number and email information readily available on the nav bar of the website eliminating the amount of time the client spends looking for them as well as having images and testimonies form previous clients.  


It was important to keep this build and layout as simple as possible, the demographic and visitors to the website are looking for easy to gather information normally without access to desktop computers, so being responsive and mobile friendly was a big consideration.

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